Friday, January 31, 2014

Self-Introduction - Haley Kerkhoff

Hello All,

My apologies for the lateness of this post; my invitation to this blog also got caught by my spam filter.

Anyway, I am Haley Kerkhoff, a third-semester Masters student in the department of Educational Policy Studies. I study the history of education, although I am terribly interested in the social science aspect of education (both pre-K and higher ed) as well. This semester I will be writing my thesis on the G.I. Bill at UW-Madison. I am very excited about how the discussion we had in class today, and the many more we are sure to have, informs and might contribute to my argument about the tuition and admissions policies that UW enacted in the context of the G.I. Bill, which facilitated its drastic expansion in enrollment during the immediate postwar period (roughly 1944-1948).

As I've also mentioned, I work at the Division of Continuing Studies here on campus as an Instructional Technologist developing online courses for post-baccalaureate programs and certificates. Because of my [perceived] unique positionality within this university, as first a fairly aware and actively involved undergraduate, and then immediately continuing as a graduate student and then employee of a cross-cutting division of the university, I am also excited to share with you as classmates insights I might [think I] have regarding how certain parts of the university function and relate to one another.

To sum up, I am most excited about the collective enthusiasm for this course based on the impressions I have gotten from your personal interests and how they connect to this grand topic of the research university.

See you next week!

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