Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Introductions: Jen


My name is Jen Lacy. I just started my third year as a PhD student in Curriculum and Instruction in the Science Education program. I am currently a research assistant for the course WI Make Sustainability, an interdisciplinary course that brings engineering students together to learn about sustainability and design through making a sustainable product. Students in the course are encouraged to make a product that can go to market and/or compete in university competitions for cash prizes. This focus on marketability has led me to ask many questions about the role public universities play in the economy and the role university competitions (many funded by private donors) play in students' education and post-graduation opportunities.

I am also interested in the relationship between humanism and science education and the efforts made by philosophers, policy makers, educators, etc to make students' science education more humanistic.

I look forward to learning from the many perspectives that make up our class!


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